Wednesday, 1 June 2011

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Remember…never attempts 3 times consecutive incorrect code entries on your phone as the correct code will blocked. Instead just grant twice consecutive guessing codes, and if they aren’t work…….

When you activated PIN (Personal Identification Number) code, then the code definitely requested once the device is turned on. Most of wireless service providers allow this PIN code to deactivated while some of them this case irrelevant and you will always ask for PIN code when switched on the device.
PUK (Phone Unlock Key) is further protection of SIM card. This code will requested by SIM card when three times consecutive PIN2 code, logged incorrectly.
Usually, you can change and manage the PIN, PIN2, PUK1, and PUK2 and lock code (others prefer to call it security code). Note that all PIN & PUK codes dedicated to your SIM card while lock code is for phone itself. All the code is using integer positive (0 – 9) and will never use the alphabet. Some wireless service provider set 1234 as initial PIN code. Most of wireless service provider use 4-8 digits for PIN code and 8 digits for PUK code.
Unlike PIN & PUK codes are designed for SIM card, phone lock code (security code) is truly design for the cellular phone. There are various initial / master reset codes on these matters. They are depending on cellular phone makes.
Nokia uses 12345 or 00000
Motorola uses 0000
Samsung uses 1234
Chinese phone uses 0000 etc.
While all codes intended to protect your device and data, it is good to record and save your useful codes in safe place. When you incidentally key in wrong code, you will notified to key in the correct code again and again. At certain tried with wrong codes, your SIM card will crashed. Your phone ( device) will continue asking the correct lock code before it can work.
You can get the exact SIM codes on your wireless service provider call center. They will make some verification on this request to ensure they are communicate with the correct and authorized person. After verification made, you can asking the all SIM codes like PIN1, PIN2, PUK1 and PUK2.
The sequence of codes requested if wrong codes granted on SIM card is as follow:
PIN1 PIN2 PUK1 PUK2 SIM card crashed. You have 3 times attempt on each stage before it goes to higher code level and your SIM card will totally damage after PUK2 entries 3 consecutive times the wrong codes.
Device will keep asking the correct lock code until it can fulfill or override. Most of wireless service providers unable provide the lock code. This is why you can easily found this unlock code services in internet. Few of them are free charged by just key in your IMEI number on dialog box, then you will get the lock code. Other website services will charge you before unlock process is granted. How ever a free charged unlock code websites have low successful rate.
Get all passwords related to your SIM card, as well as device ( if available) on your wireless service provider and kept them in safe place.
For cost reason, try to get unlock code at free charge websites if your wireless services provider unable give the lock code.
Finally get the trusted paid website to get unlock code if previous codes are not work.
Good luck!!!

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